Talks/ Lectures

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University of Zuerich, “The Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB): Governance and Environmental & Social Accountability”, December 2019.

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European Law Students’ Association, University of Coimbra, “Public Finance & Sustainable Development,”Coimbra, July 2017.

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, “Entwicklungsfinanzierung durch den Privatsektor: Gute Absichten, unbedachte Risiken?” Berlin, July 2017.

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International Displacement Monitoring Centre, “Shifting the Balance on Development-Caused Displacement,” Geneva, December 2016.

Euro-IFI Bi-Annual Meeting, “Development Policy Lending – The World Bank’s High Risk Portfolio Exempt from Environmental & Social Safeguards,”Brussels, November 2017.

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation Conference Human Rights in the Challenging 21st Century: Globalizing Dignity, “Public Development Finance & the Rights of Indigenous Peoples,” Lisbon, May 2016.”

World Bank Annual Meetings, Dialogue with Civil Society, “Achieving Environmental and Social Coherence throughout the Bank’s Portfolio,” Washington, October 2016.

Asian Development Bank Annual Meeting, “An NGO Perspective on the Work of the ADB’s Accountability Mechanism,” Frankfurt, May 2016.

World Bank Consultations on Review and Update of the World Bank’s Environmental and Social Safeguard Policies, “Limiting the Scope: Missing A Historic Opportunity,” Brussels, January 2016.

Bread for the World (Brot fuer die Welt) workshop, “Introduction to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB),”Berlin, October 2015.

World Bank Annual Meetings, Dialogue Sessions, “Lending for Infrastructure & Financial Intermediaries: What Safeguards for Biodiversity & Communities,”Washington, October 2015.

Asian Development Bank Annual Meetings, “More Critical Than Ever: Safeguards in the Age of Large-Scale Infrastructure Finance,” Baku, May 2015.

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Bundestag, Parliamentary Committee on Development Cooperation and Development, “Der Weltbank Review Prozess,“Berlin, January 2015.

Lectures at:

London School of Economics

University of London

Southern Methodist University

Yale University

Harvard Law School

Harvard Business School

Columbia University Law School

Georgetown University Law School

Iowa State University

Montclair State College

Fundação Getúlio Vargas

Universität zu Köln

Luso-American Development Foundation

Gulbenkian Foundation