Selected Publications

“The Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Ban (AIIB): Global Leader in Infrastructure Finance, At What Cost? – The AIIB’s Approach to Transparency and Public Access to Information”, with Wawa Wang, published by the Heinrich Boell Foundation, December 2020. Also available in German, French and Simplified Chinese.

“Too Many Loopholes,” with Wawa Wang, in Development + Cooperation, November 2020. Also available in German “Zu viele Schlupfloecher” in Entwicklung + Zusammenarbeit,  November 2020.

“The AIIB’s Transparency Deficit,” with Wawa Wang, published by Project Syndicate in English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish,  Bahasa Indonesia, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and Dutch,  Oct. 22, 2020. 

“Paying the Price for Development,” in Development + Cooperation, September 2020. Also available in German “Hoher Preis fuer Entwicklung,” in Entwicklung + Zusammenarbeit, October 2020.

“Wie viel Mitsprache ist erlaubt?” in Boell Thema: Infrastrukturen gestalten unsere Zukunft, Berlin, January 2020.

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English language edition: International Financial Institutions: Rolling Back Protections,” in: Development & Cooperation, Frankfurt, March/ April 2016.

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English language edition: Forest Degradation: The End of Over-Optimism,” in: Development & Cooperation, Frankfurt, May 2013.

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Internationale Finanzinstitutionen – Wichtige Pruefung,”in: Entwicklung & Zusammenarbeit (international journal), Frankfurt February 2013.
English language edition: International Financial Institutions: Most Relevant Review,” in: Development & Cooperation, Frankfurt, February 2013.

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English language edition: “Stakes are high for Forest Protection through REDD+,” Development & Cooperation, Frankfurt, July/ August 2012.

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English language edition: Crucial Environmental Standards” in: Development & Cooperation, Frankfurt, November 2011.

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